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Forney Museum of Transportation

Anything on Wheels!
Antique Cars, Locomotives,
Buggies, Bicycles, Motorcycles,
Rare and Exotic vehicles,
and more...

The Forney Transportation Museum is a one-of-a-kind collection of over 500 exhibits relating to historical transportation. It began with antique cars, but soon expanded to include vehicles of all kinds. Some of these are familiar, while others spark the imagination.

Big Boy Locomotive
Click Here to view a slide show
of some of our exhibits
'Big Boy' -The World's Largest Steam Locomotive
Forney Locomotive " Railcars, Cabooses, Coaches
and a Diner " Antique Cars " Buggies " Carriages
Wagons " Fire Engines " Aircraft
Denver's only Cable Car " Trolleys " Steam Tractor
Motorcycles " Bicycles " Tricycles "
Models "Costumes
Music Boxes " & Much, Much More

Come see them all!

Take your picture in a Model T!

Coming in August,
1967 Amphicar
will be on exhibit at the museum.

The Amphicar is the only civilian amphibious passenger automobile ever to be mass produced. Enthusiasts estimate that around 600 Amphicars might be still working (i.e. swimming). Come see this unusual automobile.

We also have Meeting Rooms available
at the Museum for your events.

Your generous donations help keep us going, and they are tax-deductable!

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