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Big Boy Cap
100% Cotton

Big Boy T-Shirt


Trains, Planes &

Forney Museum T-Shirt
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Big Boy T-Shirt

Big Boy T-Shirt
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Big Boy Sweat Shirt

Big Boy Sweatshirt
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Big Boy
Plastic Model Kit

Big Boy Model
1:87 scale
Suitable for ages 10 to Adult

Big Boy Pewter Keychain
Big Boy Key Chain

Big Boy Mugs

Big Boy Mug
12 oz........$6.95

16 oz. Big Boy Mug
Big Boy Mug
Big Boy Mug

Just right for that first cup of coffee in the morning...


Technical Print
of the Big Boy

by William Berkompas
Big Boy Print
unframed- print only
36" x 11"
1/4"-1' scale

Has all the technical data (length, weight, driver wheel diameter,
max speed, etc....) at the bottom.

Books and Videos

Big Boy Combo 1
Big Boy Combo 2

In Pentrex's Combo DVD Part 1, you'll see two fantastic shows featuring the Big Boys in all their glory.
Land of the Giants and
Land of the Giants VolumeII: The Cheyenne Shops


This Big Boy Combo DVD Part 2 brings you two viewing treats: a Pentex documentary focussing on Big Boy operations over Sherman Hill, and a 1950's television drama about a Big Boy engineer.



Union Pacific
Big Boy Collection

on DVD!

Big Boy DVD

The Big Boys were the stuff of legends, giants of the rails, revered for their immense size, power, and reliability. Longer, heavier, more powerful than any other articulated steam locomotive in the western US, they became symbols of an era. The constant interest in the Big Boys led Pentrex to conduct an exhaustive search for untapped footage. A newly discovered collection of 35mm film (never before available to the public), combined with our existing archives, gave us the comprehensive film library we needed in order to assemble, for the first time anywhere, an all-inclusive record of each of the 25 Big Boy locomotives in action.
Months of laborious effort and attention have been poured into this project. The result is a thrilling tribute to the 25 Union Pacific locomotives known as Big Boys! Each of the Big Boys, from #4000 to #4024, is shown in numerical order. You'll see them in action taming the Wasatch Mountains, conquering the stiff grades of Sherman Hill, and in Cheyenne. With their 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangement, 132-foot long locomotive and tender, and 1.2 million pounds of loaded weight, the Big Boys literally shook the earth as they thundered by.
Will we ever see a Big Boy on the rails again? It's not likely. However, you can experience the awesome majesty of the Big Boys in this exciting presentation - Union Pacific Big Boy Collection!

Color and Black & White, 95 min.



A Little Look at the Big Boy
Big Boy Book

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