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Avon has had a long tradition of unique containers for their products.
Here we have gathered some that relate to transportation.
A great gift item for your favorite transportation buff!

Avon First Volunteer Firefighter Truck
First Volunteer Firefighter Truck
Tai Winds Cologne(full, unboxed)
Avon 1973 Ford Ranger
1973 Ford Ranger Pickup
Deep Woods Aftershave(full,unboxed)

Avon 1955 Chevy
1955 Chevy
Boxed...$14.00, Unboxed....$9.00
Avon Road Runner Motorcycle
Road Runner Motorcycle

Avon 1902 Hayes Apperson
1902 Hayes Apperson
Tai Winds Aftershave(empty, unboxed)
Avon Packard Classic
Packard Classic
Big Wheel All Purpose Lotion(full, unboxed)

Avon Jeep

Wild Country Aftershave (full, unboxed)

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